It's NOT...

That they're fun.

  • Checkers? Yes.
  • Chess? No - way too hard.
  • Checklists? It depends (with us, well, I mean yeah).

That they're easy.

  • Checkers? Yes.
  • Chess? No - we already talked about this.
  • Checklists? It depends (with us, well, I mean yeah).

That they're exciting.

  • Checkers? Yes.
  • Chess? No - these games take forever.
  • Checklists? It depends (with us, well, I mean yeah).

Then what is it?

They all take a series of sequential steps to reach the end goal.

What's the goal?

Checkers? Be the last man standing.
Chess? Checkmate.

  • Submit the report on time.
  • Post to that blog, again.
  • Get the weekly review seen by multiple people.
  • Compile the seven reports to make that one report that goes inside those other seven reports to give to the CEO, again.

There's a lot of goals with checklists. Most processes have more than one step to complete them, and checklists help us keep up with where we're at.

Your checklists matter. Here's what we're doing about it.

At TeamChores, we're trying to make managing your processes easier. We've been on the other side of the last minute scramble, the "OH MY GOSH HOW DID WE FORGET THAT!?", and the "we really need some better systems in place." 

On Monday of this week, we took another step to help you manage your processes and your checklists by releasing our checklist integration. Now, you can set up recurring tasks, and import your checklist into Slack each time the task is due.

Using checklists in TeamChores

And you might think that a cold beer on a hot day, a long nap on a Sunday afternoon, or long walks on the beach are satisfying, but after extensive research, we've discovered that nothing is as satisfying as clicking "Complete Item" on a checklist item and knowing you're one step closer to your goal.

Seriously, it's so great.

A few practical tips on getting started with checklists.

To share with you how to get started with checklists, I'm going to use a list. Once you check it all off, you'll be done.

  • Break your most common tasks down into 5-10 steps. Even if you know how to do it, getting it written down will help you when you're sick and can't do it. Or you quit. That wouldn't be good either.
  • Don't create a list within a list within a list within a list. That's too much. One list within a list will do. Have a list of what you need to do, and on the more complicated ones, create a list of how to do it.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the teammate you don't like. Oh, you love your whole team? Be honest. Now put yourself in the shoes of the teammate you don't like, as much.Would they be able to complete your task by completing the checklist items? If yes, you did a good job. If no, be more specific, and then buy them coffee on the company card and try to be friends. If it works, it was an HR investment. If it doesn't, it was a free coffee.

When you get done, you'll have a checklist that looks like this! Beautiful.

As you do some research, write a bit, and do a little optimization. It'll look like this. Gorgeous.

And finally, if you use TeamChores, you can just do it all from Slack. Outstanding.

Go forth! Use checklists and be satisfied.

If you want to use us for your checklists, check out our 14-day free trial!