Do Your Chores: 4 Ways Your Team Will Be Better with TeamChores

Your organization definitely has crucial, recurring tasks.

Your organization likely uses a project or task management tool to help organize those tasks, get things done, and move teams in the same direction on the same timeline.

But your organization also likely has tasks, processes, and procedures that should happen on a regular basis, but don’t.

Why is that?

Often in organizations, what’s most immediate becomes most important. The project with an impending deadline, the report that has to be produced now, or urgent directive that just came down takes precedence over the crucial but repetitive tasks and chores that keep organizations running and thriving.

At the end of the day, most teams let projects trump process every day of the week.

Working Together – Project Management vs Process Management

Projects are defined by specificity. Each project is unique, has its own set of requirements, and needs to have a custom to-do list to get it done.

Kanban boards are perfect for this as you develop customized requirements for a customized outcome.

Solutions like Trello, Asana, and Monday.com have made it their priority to help you succeed and finish projects in a productive, timely manner.

Processes, on the other hand, are defined by repeatability. Many of the processes in your organization are repetitive, critical, mandated, or even legally required. But despite their importance, these chores get missed, dropped, or lost in the noise of busyness, or crucial information on how to do them leaves with the employee who just walked out the door.

When you get busy, balls get dropped, and that’s why you need TeamChores to help get your organizational to do’s done.

Here’s how TeamChores can help:

1. Quiet the Noise

A great process management tool is like putting on a world-class pair of noise cancelling headphones. As you’re notified and reminded to do your chores, you’re able to think clearly and silence the noise, even if just for a moment, of today’s fires and to-dos that keep flooding in. And the best part of all is since we work where you work, you won’t have to leave Slack to keep up with your chores.

2. “How’d we do that again?”

It seems like every time we return to run our reports, repeat a weekly process, or onboard an employee, there’s an element of re-learning that takes valuable time and energy from other tasks we could be doing. With TeamChores, you codify your processes through instructions, attached documents, and history of past instances make you as efficient as possible each time the chore repeats.

3. Keep Organizational Knowledge In the Organization

If your analyst intern, Jack, who has been running all of your reports for the last 6 months, decides to go back and get his graduate degree, a whole host of organizational knowledge walks out the door with him when Jack leaves.

This reality is the core of why organizations are shifting their focus to their process management.

If you systematize your learning process by letting organizational knowledge live in the organization by adding images, documents, instructions and checklists each time you repeat a process, you can exponentially accelerate your organization’s learning process and spend more time on learning what’s new rather than review.

4. Bring Them On Board – Fast

Of course, we don’t want Jack to leave, but some level of turnover is inevitable. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates that an employer will spend six to nine months of an employees salary in finding and training a replacement. That adds up fast, but as you prioritize process management in your organization, you increase onboarding speed and simultaneously decrease your onboarding costs.

With TeamChores, you can transform your onboarding process by giving your new team member insight into every process associated with their role and the history of how that’s been done for as long as the organization has been around.

TeamChores – Get the Critical Stuff Done

Today, you and your team are more inundated with information and distractions than ever. The busyness and constant chatter in our work cultures can make it feel like you can never catch up.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

TeamChores helps you move from the fear of feeling behind all the time to the peace of mind of being ahead.

You can stop feeling uninformed about where your team is at on their crucial tasks and instead have transparent insight about how your team is really doing.

And you can transform from being a reactive team that is constantly putting out fires, to a proactive, organized, and efficient team that gets the critical stuff done and does their chores.

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