5 Ways You Can Use TeamChores & Trello to Keep Your Team Aligned & Innovating

We're always in search of that one app. That app that will make everything better. More efficient. More focused. More profitable.

But the reality is, your team isn't run by just one app. Every growing organization needs multiple tools to help them achieve their goals. Multiple tools and applications that enable them to manage and lead each facet of the business to the best of their ability.

Two particular aspects of the business need the best tools possible to help them function at their highest level of production: Project and Process Management.

However most organizations aren't setup to properly propel their teams to the best level of project and process management. That's where Trello & TeamChores come in...

Hello Trello.

Trello is designed for project management.

Its simple but stable design has kept it at the top of the charts for all project management applications.

Its focus is specificity because when a team becomes inundated in pushing projects through the pipeline, the needs are custom. Specific deadlines, custom task-lists, unique requirements and levels of collaboration.

However, as the team innovates, the organization grows, its day-to-day complexities do as well...

Enter TeamChores.

TeamChores is all about just that - chores.

Processes, systems and repetition. Repeatable actions that are crucial for the business to maintain growth. Taking inventory, sending out a weekly newsletter or update, cutting checks, and so many more small, repetitive tasks that help businesses survive and thrive.

As project management flourishes, TeamChores enables process management to support the ever-growing business. It empowers teams and leaders to focus on the cutting-edge projects (using an app like Trello), while having the peace-of-mind that operations are continually moving efficiently.

Better Together: 5 Steps to Get Going with Project and Process Management

1: Separate Chores and Projects

Make a list of your current projects and continually revolving chores. Some clarifying questions to help:

  • What has to happen each day, week, month, etc. to keep the business running? These are your chores.
  • What is currently high on the priority list, but full of stand alone action items? These are your projects.

If you are currently using a project app like Trello to manage your chores, separate those out of the project and get them ready to flourish in TeamChores.

2: Setup Your Team in TeamChores

Begin to input your chores. This might take a little bit of energy upfront, but it will save so much sideways energy later on when its done intentionally. As you setup your chores, there are a lot of simple but extremely helpful features to utilize.

Assign chores to each of your team members or the entire team as a whole. Add due dates with scheduled repetitions.

Add instructions, pictures, attachments, checklists to ensure that each chore gets done correctly.

Adjust notification settings for your team members and yourself. This is a great way to ensure that your team is constantly notified of what is due and you are aware of any gaps.

3: Refocus on Those Projects in Trello

As your chores become seamless, refocus your energy and attention on the innovation. Use your regained headspace to move cards through projects, check-in on upcoming due dates, setup new projects, collaborate with your team and grow the business!

4: Receive Notifications of Chores Due, Completed or Overdue.

Without effort, receive emails, texts or slack alerts to be updated that normal day-to-day operations are moving forward as planned.

5: The Glue Between the Two — Slack

Live in just one space for everything. Utilize Slack for both apps to keep all information and communication in one place. Get alerts on those big projects that have upcoming deadlines while checking off chores and ensuring your team is keeping up with the normal day-to-day operations.

The Seamless Team.

As you drive your projects through Trello and organize your business in TeamChores, watch how your team begins to operate seamlessly. When both process and project management are firing on all cylinders, that's where the gold of the organization takes place.

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